The Halifax Honey Company
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All of our Honey infusions contain Raw unpasteurized Honey. Our Honey is sourced from an incredible blend of the nectars gathered from a variety of wildflowers all across Nova Scotia. We are proud to support local beekeepers. Not only do our infusions make for versatile condiments but are made in small batches and contain minimal ingredients with natural nutritional value. The possibilities for enjoying are all up to your own cravings, drizzle them on everything! Find our personal favorite pairings on the recipe page.


You can find us at local farmers markets as we travel throughout Nova scotia with our gourmet infusions along with our ever growing list of fine dining establishments and local retailers.

Would you like to start creating your own BUZZ with our Stingin’ Hot condiments? Contact us


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Jesse’s passion for food started while learning to cook in his family’s kitchen at a very young age. Making great tasting food has always been a huge part of Jesse’s life while keeping his interest in the culinary arts first in his heart. Jesse has been in the restaurant industry since 2001 while managing his family’s fine dining establishment. 

Jake has always been influencing, inspiring and experimenting with new ideas and creations as he shares the same loving appreciation for the culinary world and support for everything local. Jake has been friends with Jesse and his family since he was just 3 years old!

For as long as we can remember, the idea of starting ‘something’ entrepreneurial had always been a topic of nearly every discussion. In 2012 we made our first ‘hot sauce’ with jalapeno peppers as the star. Guess what? It turned out really great. Listening to our friend’s and family’s reviews while seeing the look of satisfaction on their faces was all we needed. However, we weren't quite satisfied just yet. We did our research only to find out that the ‘hot sauce’ market was very saturated.

In 2016 we started The Halifax Honey Co. and created a gourmet, sweet and spicy condiment called Stingin’ Hot Honey. This little taste of success along with the positive consensus of the thousands of palates that tasted our infusion only fuelled our desire to continue creating new products to present to market and foodies alike. A truly mouth-watering line up of gourmet condiments with a ‘tastefully hot’ sweet-heat kick has now emerged!